TSMC President, Mark Liu, announces on-chip voltage regulator functions utilizing Ferric technolgy

In a partnership with Ferric, Inc., TSMC, the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, has announce the availability to fully integrate voltage regulator functions onto a CMOS chip utilizing a thin film magnetic process developed and licensed from Ferric, Inc.  Ferric’s patented magnetic core inductor process and designs are integrated on top of the chip or interposer, providing flexibility in integration and implementation.

Mark Liu, TSMC’s President and Co-Chief Executive, made the announcement of on-chip voltage regulator functions from TSMC utilizing Ferric’s technology at the March 17th, 2017 TSMC Symposium in Santa Clara, CA. 

By integrating Ferric inductors with TSMC's CMOS 'back-end-of-line' (BEOL) TSMC enables efficient, high density on-chip/on-package power conversion at any process node reducing:

  • Logic board space
  • Resistive losses in power distribution networks while improving power management
  • Overall bill of materials (BOM)

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