Ferric President and CEO, Dr. Noah Sturcken, to Speak at PwrSoC 2018 about Integrated Power Management with Ferromagnetic Thin-Film Power Inductors

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the International Workshop on Power Supply on Chip (PwrSoC) is the leading international forum for the discussion of the challenges and opportunities, in technology, business and supply-chain, to be considered in advancing the miniaturization and integration of power conversion and power management solutions. 

Dr. Noah Sturcken, Ferric’s President and CEO will be speaking during the Integrated Magnetics Session on Thursday, October 18th at the PwrSoC 2018 International Workshop in Hsinchu, Taiwan. 

The integration of inductors with thin film magnetics represents a significant advancement for Power Supplies on Chips by reducing power consumption, allowing smaller footprint designs, and reducing the overall bill of materials.  Ferric has already seen significant commercial and government adoption of its integrated magnetic thin film inductor technology.  This session will discuss the enormous benefits of thin film integrated inductor technology, Ferric’s latest capabilities and the technical challenges that were overcome to offer Ferric’s commercially available integrated inductor solution for Power Supplies on Chips.

“The PwrSoC International Workshop attracts the top leaders from both industry and academia to discuss and advance the field of Power Supplies on Chips.  Ferric is honored to participate in this workshop as a Platinum Partner” said Dr. Sturcken.  “Ferric’s thin-film ferromagnetic inductor technology offers unparalleled benefits for Power Supply on Chip implementations and has been production qualified with strategic partners.”

Ferric’s commercially available integrated magnetic thin film inductor technology reduces power consumption, allows smaller footprint designs, and reduces overall bill of materials for power supply on chip implementations.Ferric offers complete single-chip power converters, including all necessary passive components, which allows for direct integration into the packaging of a load IC.