Ferric integrated voltage regulator (IVR) products utilize buck converters so small, they can be integrated directly onto the package or the integrated circuit (IC)

For microprocessors, for example, the use of IVRs can deliver up to a 20% improvement in overall system power efficiency with a 80% reduction in board-level components and area. Across all systems, Ferric’s IVR technology reduces power consumption, board area and component cost.

Chips and Circuit IP

Integrated voltage regulators (IVRs) using CMOS with Ferric Power Inductors provide efficient, high density on-chip/on-package power conversion. Ferric offers flexible integration options including package integration, 3D stack integration, and monolithic integration. 

All IVRs offer low entry barriers, with power integrated voltage regulators (PIVRs) requiring only package modifications.  

Flexible Integration Approach


Ferric’s IVR solutions leverage Ferric’s CMOS integrated power inductors available at TSMC, the world’s leading CMOS foundry, to provide flexible options for board, package or on-chip integration