Ferric selected for award by DOE's HPC4Mfg program

Ferric has been awarded $300,000 by the U.S. Department of Energy to develop new design automation tools for on-chip magnetic components. "Ferric's partnership with the DOE will leverage high-performance computing resources to dramatically reduced the cycle time and cost associated with designing power converters with integrated magnetic devices," said Mike Lekas, Director of Engineering, Ferric. You can read more about the award and the HPC4Mfg program here by clicking on Fall 2018:


Ferric Announces the Industry’s First Commercially Available Single Chip Power Converter with Integrated Magnetic Inductors.

The Fe1038D replaces traditional step-down buck converters and all necessary passive components with a single chip.

Ferric, Inc. announces today, the industry’s first and only commercially available single-chip power converter with integrated magnetic thin-film power inductors.  The Fe1038D is a synchronous 3A step-down converter suitable for powering high performance digital, analog and mixed signal loads, such as microprocessor IO, applications processors and FPGAs. The Fe1038D is a complete power converter on a chip, including all necessary passive components, which allows for direct integration into the packaging of the load IC.

The Fe1038D includes an 8-phase buck converter with fully integrated powertrain, including Ferric’s magnetic thin-film power inductors. The Fe1038D is a flip-chip die with low profile (150μm) and integrates digital interface, power management, voltage control and power train circuitry. The Fe1038D achieves high efficiency over wide load conditions, and low peak-to-peak output voltage ripple. The buck delivers up to 3A continuous output current at an output voltage range of 0.6V to 1.5 V, all in one FC (Flip Chip) 59 Cu bump, 2.0mm x 3.2mm die.

“The Fe1038D multi-phase DC-DC buck converter with fully integrated inductors allows customers to implement new designs with significantly smaller form factors, lower power consumption, and a lower overall bill of materials cost” according to Noah Sturcken, President and CEO of Ferric, Inc. “Ferric’s mobile, FPGA, and embedded solutions customers of the Fe1038D are creating their next generation products that will be much smaller and more efficient than currently available solutions.”


  • 8-phase interleaved buck with fully integrated power switches, thin-film magnetic power inductors

  • Efficiency > 85%

  • 1.8V-2.5V Input Voltage

  • 0.6V-1.5V Programmable Output Voltage

  • 3A Output Current

  • 12A Output Current in gang mode

  • Small footprint

    • 2.0mm × 3.2mm

    • 180μm IO Pitch

  • Low Profile

    • <400μm

  • Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS)

  • Digital Power Management Interface (PMBus 1.3)

  • Programmable switching frequency: 60-100MHz

  • Programmable soft start

  • Load and Line Regulation

  • Programmable Ramp Rates

  • Auto Phase Shedding

  • On-chip power temperature monitor

  • Under Voltage Lockout, Over Current, Over Voltage and Thermal Protection.

Typical Applications:

  • Systems-in-Package (SiP)

  • High performance multi-core system-on-chip (SoC) and FPGA

  • Smart phones

  • Laptops

  • Portable Devices

  • Embedded industrial systems


Fe1038D samples are available and shipping to major OEMs.  Samples and evaluation boards are available for qualified customers.  For more information on the Fe1038D, please visit www.ferricsemi.com.

About Ferric, Inc.

Ferric, Inc. is a venture-backed fabless semiconductor company located in New York City.  Ferric is commercializing innovative DC-DC power converter chips and circuit IP based on patented thin-film power inductors for customers in both mobile and computing spaces.

About New Science Ventures

New Science Ventures, LLC (NSV) is a leading venture capital firm focused on building companies that leverage breakthrough science to create extraordinary value.  NSV invests in companies using science-based innovations to address market needs in Life Sciences (pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, and diagnostics) and Information Technology (e.g., high-performance semiconductors, cellular infrastructure, sensor networks, enterprise software, and storage) sectors.

Ferric President and CEO, Dr. Noah Sturcken, to Speak at PwrSoC 2018 about Integrated Power Management with Ferromagnetic Thin-Film Power Inductors

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the International Workshop on Power Supply on Chip (PwrSoC) is the leading international forum for the discussion of the challenges and opportunities, in technology, business and supply-chain, to be considered in advancing the miniaturization and integration of power conversion and power management solutions. 

Dr. Noah Sturcken, Ferric’s President and CEO will be speaking during the Integrated Magnetics Session on Thursday, October 18th at the PwrSoC 2018 International Workshop in Hsinchu, Taiwan. 

The integration of inductors with thin film magnetics represents a significant advancement for Power Supplies on Chips by reducing power consumption, allowing smaller footprint designs, and reducing the overall bill of materials.  Ferric has already seen significant commercial and government adoption of its integrated magnetic thin film inductor technology.  This session will discuss the enormous benefits of thin film integrated inductor technology, Ferric’s latest capabilities and the technical challenges that were overcome to offer Ferric’s commercially available integrated inductor solution for Power Supplies on Chips.

“The PwrSoC International Workshop attracts the top leaders from both industry and academia to discuss and advance the field of Power Supplies on Chips.  Ferric is honored to participate in this workshop as a Platinum Partner” said Dr. Sturcken.  “Ferric’s thin-film ferromagnetic inductor technology offers unparalleled benefits for Power Supply on Chip implementations and has been production qualified with strategic partners.”

Ferric’s commercially available integrated magnetic thin film inductor technology reduces power consumption, allows smaller footprint designs, and reduces overall bill of materials for power supply on chip implementations.Ferric offers complete single-chip power converters, including all necessary passive components, which allows for direct integration into the packaging of a load IC.

Ferric President and CEO, Dr. Noah Sturcken, Speaks on ECCE Panel on “Advancements, Challenges, and End-Games in Power Supply on Chip (PwrSoc)"

The Tenth Annual IEEE Energy Conversion and Exposition (ECCE 2018) held in Portland, Oregon is the pivotal international conference and exposition event on electrical and electromechanical energy conversion field.

Dr. Noah Sturcken, Ferric’s President and CEO spoke on the panel ECCE 2018 in Portland, Oregon on September 26 th , 2018 to discuss how integrated magnetic thin film inductors advance and contribute to the challenges faced by power supply on chip (PwrSoC) development. “The ECCE event had excellent participation from industry leaders in the field of energy conversion and integrated power management, sharing their perspective of the challenges that our industry currently faces. It was an honor to join this panel” said Dr. Sturcken. “The integration of inductors with Ferric’s thin film magnetics technology addresses many of these challenges and we are seeing significant momentum and adoption of Ferric’s technology into the next generation of power supply on chips.”

Ferric’s commercially available integrated magnetic thin film inductor technology reduces power consumption, allows smaller footprint designs, and reduces overall bill of materials for power supply on chip implementations. Ferric offers complete power converters on a chip, including all necessary passive components, which allows for direct integration into the packaging of the load IC.

Read more about the 2018 Energy Conversion Congress and Expo (ECCE) here:


Ferric, Inc. wins $3.1M award as part of DARPA's Electronics Resurgence Initiative

IMG_1221 (2).jpg


Ferric, Inc. was announced as the winner of $3.1M award as part of DARPA's Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI).  The award was given to Ferric Inc as part of the Foundations Required for Novel Compute (FRANC) program of ERI.

 The ERI summit was held in San Francisco, CA on July 23rd where Noah Sturcken (Ferric CEO) received the acknowledgement for FRANC program selection.    

Ferric will develop products in the area of integrated power management for novel compute, with focus on technical areas:
1)  New materials and component technologies that enable novel compute topologies
2)  Circuits prototypes and architectures that leverage unique components and functions

Read more about this news below: 




Read more about DARPA's Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI): 



TSMC President, Mark Liu, announces on-chip voltage regulator functions utilizing Ferric technolgy

In a partnership with Ferric, Inc., TSMC, the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, has announce the availability to fully integrate voltage regulator functions onto a CMOS chip utilizing a thin film magnetic process developed and licensed from Ferric, Inc.  Ferric’s patented magnetic core inductor process and designs are integrated on top of the chip or interposer, providing flexibility in integration and implementation.

Mark Liu, TSMC’s President and Co-Chief Executive, made the announcement of on-chip voltage regulator functions from TSMC utilizing Ferric’s technology at the March 17th, 2017 TSMC Symposium in Santa Clara, CA. 

By integrating Ferric inductors with TSMC's CMOS 'back-end-of-line' (BEOL) TSMC enables efficient, high density on-chip/on-package power conversion at any process node reducing:

  • Logic board space
  • Resistive losses in power distribution networks while improving power management
  • Overall bill of materials (BOM)

Additional references to TSMC’s announcements can be read at the following links:






Ferric Presents at MMM|INTERMAG 2016

Ferric's paper "Intergrated Transformers with Magnetic Thin-Films" will be presented by Senior Engineer, Hao Wu, at the 2016 joint MMM|Intermag conference in San Diego, CA. His presentation will take place Thursday 1/14 at 3:00pm during session "Transformers and Levitation."


MMM|INTERMAG 2016 Program

Thursday, January 14th, 3:00pm

Aqua 300 (3rd Floor)

Session: FJ "Transformers and Levitation"

Hilton San Diego Bayfront

1 Park Boulevard

San Diego, CA

Ferric Presents at IEDM 2015

Noah Sturcken will present his paper "Magnetic Thin-Film Inductors for Monolithic Integration with CMOS" at IEDM 2015 in Washington, D.C. His presentation will take place Tuesday 12/8 at 10:20am during Session 11: Circuit Device Interaction: CMOS Scaling and Circuit/Device Variability. 


Tuesday, December 8th, 9:00am

International Ballroom East

Washington Hilton

1919 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Washington, D.C.


Ferric Presents at Power SoC 2014

Ferric's CTO, Noah Sturcken, will be presenting during the Magnetics session at this year's PwrSoC2014 workshop in Boston. His presentation will focus on Ferric's Integrated Voltage Regulators with Thin-Film Magnetic Core Power Inductors and will begin at 10:30am, Tuesday October 7th.

Come hear Noah speak and ask him a question during the Q&A session!

Click here for more details regarding the PwrSoC2014 workshop. 

Ferric Highlighted in Semiconductor Times

Ferric is profiled in the August issue of the Semiconductor Times and gains recognition as a fast-rising semiconductor startup.  

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Semiconductor Times is hailed as the definitive source for discovering emerging technologies and companies in the semiconductor industry. Here's what one subscriber has to say about the Semiconductor Times: 

"Semiconductor Times provides in-depth coverage of new ventures and identifies the key players in the firms long before the traditional trade press. . .an invaluable asset in developing new business contacts with tomorrow’s ‘star’ performers." 



EE Times Silicon 60: Hot Startups to Watch- Ferric Semiconductor

EE Times released its semi-annual list of startups on the rise in the electrical engineering field and Ferric has made the list! This competitive list is global in scope and includes tech companies from 13 different countries who are pioneering technology in fields including IP cores, processors, power semiconductors, and more. The rankings were based on criteria including technology, market, financial position, investment profile, maturity, and executive leadership. Ferric is excited to be one of only 18 new U.S. companies to make the list this year.

See the full list and read more about the hottest startups in electronic engineering

EE Times is an online electronics engineering magazine with an expanding base of expert contributors, award-winning editors, community leaders and journalists. EE Times works off a platform designed for rapid interaction and social engagement across the electronics industry, EE Times’s singular mission is to serve as a guide to what’s really important in the global electronics industry.


Ferric to Present at DAC on June 2nd- San Francsico, CA

You are cordially invited to visit Ferric Semiconductor at the Design Automation  Conference (DAC) in San Francisco from June 2nd to 4th. Ferric will be highlighting its On-Chip Integrated Inductor Technology. Ferric's integration of patented thin-film magnetic inductors with CMOS technology provides industry leading efficiency and integration density of voltage regulators and power supplies. 

Ferric will display and present information and materials for its Process and Inductor Libraries as well as its Components and Circuit IP to deliver maximum power, space and cost savings in your next design. 

Meet Ferric in several ways: 
• Personal Suite Meetings – Contact Us – Demonstration and Technology Overview
• In the Chip-Start Booth – Booth # 425
• Ferric Presentation – June 2, 2014 at 4pm at ChipEstimate Booth #1533
We look forward to seeing you at DAC! 
For more information about DAC, click here. 


Ferric Advances to Phase II with U.S. Dept. of Energy Small Business Innovation Research Program

Ferric is proud to announce it has been selected for Phase II funding through the U.S. Department of Energy, Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program. Through this program, Ferric has pioneered innovative research and development of thin-film magnetic inductors. As a result, Ferric's patented inductors enable a remarkable improvement in the integration density of voltage regulators compared with current commercially available technologies. 

It is through these programs that companies like Ferric are able to realize and commercialize their innovative technology. Ferric is a proud awardee of the SBIR program and thanks the Department of Energy for its continuous support.



Ferric to Present at 2014 APEC Conference

On Thursday, Ferric Chief Technology Officer, Noah Sturcken, will present at the 2014 Applied Power Electronics Conference in Dallas Ft. Worth, Texas. His presentation titled "Integrated Power Conversion with Thin-Film Magnetic Core Inductors" will cover Ferric's patented thin-film technology and its applications.

Be sure to catch his presentation at 2:00PM on Thursday, March 20 in the 3D Packaging and Power Electronics Session. Click here to see the full presentation schedule.



National Science Foundation Awards Ferric Phase II Funding

Following a successful first round of partnered research, the National Science Foundation's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program has advanced Ferric to Phase II of its program with an additional two years of funding. 

Through this partnership Ferric will continue its commercialization of integrated DC-DC converters using Ferric's proprietary thin-film magnetic power inductors. This technology will dramatically reduce power consumption of a wide-range of electronics, from smartphones to data centers, reducing the physical footprint for digital ICs and cutting millions of metric tons of CO2 emmissions due to power consumption.

It is through these programs that companies like Ferric are able to realize and commercialize their innovative technology. Ferric is a proud awardee of the SBIR program and thanks the National Science Foundation for its continuous support.